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Status: Unknown

Latin Scorpions

Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Puerto Rican)
AffiliationUnknown. Submit info.
FounderUnknown. Submit info.
Founding year1962
Founding neighborhoodEast Humboldt Park section of West Town neighborhood
Main neighborhoodEast Humboldt Park section of West Town neighborhood

The Latin Scorpions were probably the first Puerto Rican gang to start up in the East Humboldt Park section of the West Town neighborhood in 1962 as both a baseball club and a gang.  The Scorpions made peace with Latin Kings right away in 1962 in order to join in the fight against the white greaser gangs.  In the year 1966 a faction of Scorpions at Hirsh and Rockwell became headed up by a very young member named Albert “Hitler” Hernandez who was only 12 or 13 years old at the time, by 1968 Hernandez became so ambitious that he turned that faction of the Scorpions into the “Disciples” street gang then in 1970 they would become the “Latin Disciples,” by the early 1990s they became known as the “Maniac Latin Disciples” that we know presently.  The Scorpions also produced an offshoot in prison led by Rudy Rios known as the “Spanish Gangster Disciples” that would later open a street faction in the South Chicago neighborhood in 1980.  The Latin Scorpions spawning the MLDs and SGDs is the extent of what people know about the Scorpions including myself, although I would love to add more here but I just do not have the knowledge right now.

Please send in 1960s and 1970s pics!


  1.  Who was the founder of the Latin Scorpions?
  2. Am I correct they formed in 1962 or was it later?
  3. What was the first street corner of the Scorpions?
  4. What were Latino Scorpion enemies?
  5. Were the Scorpions and MLDs still allies after the MLDs went to  war with Latin Kings in 1970?
  6. What were Scorpion colors and symbols?
  7. Please tell me the sections the Scorpions had and what year each opened and closed down?
  8. What is the time line of leaders?
  9. What year did the Scorpions close up shop?

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