New book

Good day Chicago area and the entire world –

You may have noticed several updates recently.  Well I came across some good info recently that ended up effecting the history of several nations and the formation of the Folk Nation alliance.  I will continue to do updates as they come in.

I also have good news for those of you that have become fans of my writing in general.  I have also started  my side gig as a published horror writer.  As you can already tell I love to write about the dark side of humanity.  I also have a knack for fictional horror and I have begun writing my own stories.  I will also begin writing about war novels, and they will be quite bloody.

Check out my newest novel about a young woman that goes on a vacation of solitude deep in the Minnesota timber lands to get away from the bustling city life in Chicago.  Her vacation is fantastic until she realizes someone or something is stalking her from the pitch black woods surrounding her cabin.  A sighting of a terrifying looking man in the woods begins a series of terrifying experiences as she finds her self trapped in this fortress of solitude while someone wants to get inside.  She is frightened and alone and no one can hear her cries for help.