Chicago Gang History

Status: Active

Almighty Party Players

Formerly known asParty Players late 1970s-1989
ColorsMaroon and white
Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Mexican)
SymbolsPlayboy bunny head with a bent ear and bow tie, hatchet, five lines fanned out with five dots on the end of each 1989-present
AffiliationPeople since 1989
FounderJoe Max
Founding yearLate 1970s
Founding neighborhoodMarshall Square section of South Lawndale neighorhood
Main neighborhoodBack Of The Yards section of New City neighborhood and Marquette Park section of Chicago Lawn neighborhood

The Party Players came to be back in the late 1970s at the intersection of 24th and Washtenaw in the Marshall Square section of the South Lawndale neighborhood.  The Party Players were just a drinking and partying crew that was not about all the gangbanging at first.  The crew was founded by Joe Max and his friends who were all high school age teenagers.  The area the Party Players formed in was controlled by Satan Disciples, Two Two Boys, Cullerton Deuces and Artistic Kents (Stone Kents).  The Party Players loved to travel to other neighborhoods and party, but their favorite spot was at 48th and Wolcott in the Back Of The Yards section of the New City neighborhood.  The Party Players got so acquainted there that they set up another section over there and Joe Max moved to 53rd and Winchester.

In the early 1980, the Saints from 45th and Wood and along 48th Street did not like the presence of the Party Players because they were bringing in a lot of members and a following around the Party Players was growing which led to the Saints becoming aggressive with the Party Players and a war broke out between the two groups that got violent real quick.  At this point Joe Max closed up 24th and Washtenaw to focus his troops more on 48th Street to fight the Saints.  It was at this point that the Party Players became a gangbanging crew.  The Party Players then found common ground with the Two Sixs in the neighborhood and adopted the bunny head with the bent ear as their symbol just like how the Two Six had theirs.  Shorty after all this, Joe Max was arrested for the murder of Juvenal Gomez when Max and three other gang members jumped out on Gomez at the corner of 48th and Ada and drove him around for four hours before they killed him and robbed him.  On May 28, 1982 Max was sentenced to 70 years in prison for murder then he was given the maximum sentence for the robbery charge of 14 years because he pissed the judge off by taunting the state prosecutor Peggy Frossard saying “Get your facts straight, miss State’s Attorney!”  The judge thought it was disrespect that threw the book at Max for the Robbery charge (Chicago Tribune May 31, 1982, P.7).  Joe Max is still in Pontiac Correctional for this.  After this happened Joe Max was now behind bars and discovering the People and Folk nations.  Most gang leaders would take their gangs right into Folk or People once they get inside for their own protection by Joe Max did not feel he needed it and kept the Party Players neutral but he made ties with Ambrose and continued ties with Two Six.

By 1989, Two Six was not around as much especially after their leaders were locked up for doing a shooting with the Party Players against the Saints in the fall of 1988, and Two Six leader Danny Spain ended up in prison. Now the Party Players began to get back up from the Latin Kings in the area and that is when the alliance grew real tight and the Latin Kings guided the Party Players into the People nation.  After this happened Two Six and Ambrose and all Folks targeted the Party Players; however, the Party Players now had a stronger ally than ever.  The Party Players were now able to spread their influence into the Marquette Park section of the Chicago Lawn neighborhood at 65th and Spaulding which became the Marquette Park headquarters.  As the late 1980s and 1990s would progress the Party Players expanded all over Marquette Park to 63rd and Troy “Trigger Town,” 73rd and Homan, 65th and Sacramento, 63rd and Whipple.  The Party Players also opened up in the Gage Park neighborhood at 57th and 53rd and Rockwell.  Party Players opened a section at 36th and Seeley in the Mckinley Park neighborhood.

Eventually the vast majority of Party Player sections were shut down including all of their Gage Park and Mckinley Park operations.  The Party Players also lost almost all their territory in Marquette Park except 65th and Spaulding.  They had set up in the suburbs of Burbank, Oak Lawn and Rockford but they lost Oak Lawn.  The Party Players engaged in vicious gang wars with the City Knights of nearby 48th and Wood and also the Satan Disciples.  Party Players always remained at odds with the Saints even after the Saints joined the People nation, they may have been cool with each other for a few years after they both joined People but it was war before and war since.  The only sections that stayed open for the Party Players in later years were 48th and Wolcott and 65th and Spaulding.  I do not know what happened to all the territory they lost whether it was them getting run out by rivals, incarcerations, flipping I do not know. I do not know who took over leadership after Joe Max ended up in prison but I heard a leader was killed around 1994.

Please send in old school pics.   1970s or 1980s pics will be especially appreciated!


  1.  What exact year did Party Players form?
  2. What caused the war between Saints and Players?  What exact year did the war start?
  3. Why exactly did Party Players have a falling out with Two Six?
  4. Who took over after Joe Max went to prison? And what were the time line of leaders up until 2000?
  5. When did the other sets open and when did they close?  What year did 65th and Spaulding open?
  6. Why did Party Players never join Folks in the earlier 1980s?

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