Chicago Gang History

Status: Active

Insane Ashland Vikings

ColorsBlack and green
Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Mexican)
SymbolsHatchet, 8 point star, viking helmet and viking figure head
AffiliationFolks since 1978
FounderUnknown. Submit info.
Founding yearLate 1950s
Founding neighborhoodEast Village section of West Town neighborhood
Main neighborhoodEast Village and Noble Square sections of West Town neighborhood

From a 1980s Chicago Police manual.  


I do not know a whole lot about the Ashland Vikings because there has not been much shared on their history.  I do not know who the founder was of the Vikings but they started at between Ashland and Augusta and Ashland and Walton in the East Village neighborhood. 

Legends say that Ashland Vikings started off as a Polish gang but they were actually started by Latinos in the early 1960s.   The Vikings had a club house at 945 North Ashland and they also hung out at in front of Templeton Memorial Chapel at 1347 Erie (Erie and Noble) in the Southern West Town neighborhood.  From Erie and Noble the Vikings soon spread further in the southern West Town section to the area of Wood to Racine and Diversey to Grand which brought them into conflict with the Italian C-Notes street gang.

In the late 1960s the southern part of West Town began to experience Latino migration and that is when the Latin Kings moved into the area conflicting with the Vikings.  

On November 11, 1978, the Ashland Vikings joined the Folk Nation alliance because they had assisted the Black Gangster Disciples in their war with the Vice Lords in 1973; therefore, they were invited to join the Folk Nation as soon as it was created, and after that they were able to expand their operations in the 1980s and into the 1990s. 

The Vikings landed in the Belmont – Cragin neighborhood and opened up Altgeld and Laramie and Wrightwood and Laramie.  The Vikings also set up in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood at North Ave and Keeler and Grand and Keeler.  They also opened up in the Noble Square at Walton and Noble.  Another set opened was Paulina and Lunt in the Rodgers Park neighborhood.  By the early 1990s the Vikings moved into the suburb of Rockford and the suburb of Cicero at 21st and 47th.

In the year 1991, the “United Latino Organization” alliance was falling apart because Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, Spanish Cobras and Maniac Latin Disciples could not get along and were bickering over drug turf.  By 1992, all four gangs made their allies choose which of the three alliances they would ally with but there was no picking more than one.  The Ashland Vikings chose to ally with the Spanish Cobras and join the “Insane Familia,” thus, becoming the “Insane Ashland Vikings.”  Another gang that joined the Insane Familia was the Harrison Gents

Starting in the late 1980s the Vikings were feuding with the Gents and the feuding was getting worse and now they were both “Insane.”  The Spanish Cobras could not mediate the war between the two gangs and in 1995 all out war erupted between them causing the Harrison Gents to leave the Insane Familia and join the “Almighty Familia.”  The Vikings also started to get into it with the Satan Disciples after they settled in the southern West Town and East Village areas.  In the suburb of Cicero the Vikings made a lot of new Folk Nation enemies like the Two Two Boys for an example and anything part of the People Nation.

Please send in old school pics.   1950s, 1960s, 1970s pics will be especially appreciated!


  1.  Were the Vikings actually founded in the late 1950s, if so what exact year?  Are they any older, if so what exact year did they start?
  2. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  3. What year did the Vikings open in Belmont-Cragin, West Humboldt Park and Noble Square?
  4. What is the time line of leaders up until 2000?
  5. What caused all the hate with Harrison Gents?  What year did it start?
  6. What year did the war with SDs start?  Why did it start?


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