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Status: Active

Insane Cullerton Deuces

Formerly known asCullerton Deuces 1970-1994
ColorsGrey and white 1970-1994 and Black and green 1994-present
Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Mexican)
SymbolsSpade, numeral "II," two dots, playing card with 2 of spades
AffiliationPeople 1980-1994, Folks 1994-present
FounderUnknown. Submit info.
Founding year1970 more than likely
Founding neighborhoodMarshall Square section of South Lawndale neighborhood, Cullerton and Washtenaw
Main neighborhoodMarshall Square section of South Lawndale neighborhood, 21st and Washtenaw

From a 1980s Chicago Police manual back when they were People Nation.

From a 1980s Chicago Police manual back when they were People Nation.

1980s pics of Insane Unknowns and Cullerton Deuces and some excellent Deuce tags, Deuces had excellent tags back in the 80s, these are some fine examples


The Cullerton Deuces started in probably the year 1970 in the Marshall Square section of the South Lawndale neighborhood at the corner of Cullerton and Washtenaw.  The Cullerton Deuces are actually a spin off or offshoot of the Morgan Deuces from over in East Pilsen at 18th and Morgan.  One of the young Morgan Deuces moved to this area and started his own gang called the “Cullerton Deuces” and adopted to the same colors of grey and white and the same symbols as the Morgan Deuces that date all the way back to the early 1950s in the West Loop neighborhood.  The Deuces’ first enemies were the Satan Disciples, Ridgeway Lords, Two Sixs, Two Two Boys and Racine Boys.  One of the biggest enemies for the Deuces was the Two Two Boys because the Two Two Boys were right there at Cermak and California which was only a few blocks away.  The best friends of the Cullerton Deuces were the Artistic Stone Kents and the Villa Lobos.

In the year 1980, the Cullerton Deuces joined the People Nation alliance because more gangs were being invited into the Folk and People alliances and because their cousin gang the Insane Deuces had also joined the People Nation that same year.  Now the Cullerton Deuces were drawing closer to the Latin Kings, Latin Counts and Bishops as allies.  It was also at this point in time in the very early 1980s that the Cullerton Deuces managed to absorb a gang called the “TNT Boys” who were known to be tough brawlers this caused the Deuce’s turf to expand from California Ave to Rockwell Street and 19th Street down to Cermak Road.  The Deuces then had a nice set at 21st and Washtenaw.  At the edge of their territory were the Two Two Boys at Cermak and California which the Deuces tried to claim that corner as their own as well this resulted in a bloody gang war in the 1980s between the two gangs.

In the year 1991, the Latin Kings began stepping all over the toes of allies all around Pilsen and Little Village areas.  They engaged in wars with Latin Counts and Bishops that escalated quick.  Now the Kings were focusing on the Cullerton Deuces because the Kings were gunning for the area that the Deuces controlled and this lead to the Latin Kings firing shots at the Deuces on the corner of 21st and California.  Despite the fact that no Deuce was killed in the shooting, the Deuces had to show they were not going to take that kind of treatment from the Kings and that is when they hunted down one of the Kings that fired the shots at them and they beat him to a bloody pulp with baseball bats until he died.  After this happened there was all out war between Latin Kings and Cullerton deuces. 

The Cullerton Deuces’ cousins the Insane Deuces had just flipped to joining the Folk Nation in 1992, but the Cullerton Deuces said they were not all about that yet and remained with the People Nation especially since they hated Satan Disciples, Two Six and Two Two Boys so much. 

In 1994, the Cullerton Deuces changed their minds and joined the Folk Nation and also consolidated with the Insane Deuces to become the “Insane Cullerton Deuces.”  The CDs basically joined the Insane Deuces in a sense and were now a part of the “Insane Familia” alliance from the north side.  They adopted the Insane Deuce colors of black and green which took away a lot of their roots.  When the CDs flipped to become Folks they drew an alliance that would become on and off with the Two Two Boys mainly because Two Two Boys were also at war with Two Sixs and Satan Disciples and were also outnumbered.

At some point in time the CDs lost all their territory except for 21st and Washtenaw and their territory in the state of Texas and California.  I do not know the story on that or really even that much on this organization.

Please send in old school pics.   1970s pics will be especially appreciated!


  1. Who was the founder of the CDs and what happened to him?
  2. Was 1970 indeed the year of the founding?
  3. What were the timeline of leaders up to 2000?

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