Chicago Gang History

Status: Active

La Familia Stones

ColorsBlack and orange
Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols21 brick pyramid, eye, crescent moon, sun
AffiliationPeople since 1992
Founding year1992
Founding neighborhoodAlbany Park
Main neighborhoodAlbany Park

I will not get into the whole story of the Puerto Rican Stones and the Puerto Rican Future Stones because I have separate pages for those two histories.  The Familia Stones was the final installment of the whole P.R. Stone legacy.

In the year 1992, a Future Stone gang member named “Broleeo” left his organization to start up his own gang.  The P.R. Stone legacy seems to have a retirement package that starts once a new Stone gang starts.  When the Future Stones started in 1983 P.R. Stones began to fade out of the picture slowly until the organization went completely extinct by 1994.  Now in 1992 the Familia Stones formed that took in all the recruitment from the Future Stones, but the Future Stones had no issue with it and seemed to embrace it, by the late 1990s the Future Stones went extinct peacefully just like the P.R. Stones; therefore, it seems like their used to be a retirement package for this allied organization.  Anyway, the “Puerto Rican Familia Stones” took over in 1992 as the new blood on the streets that guided by old school Future Stones such as “Broleeo,” “Slice,” “Poppo,” “Dave The Brave,” “Fly,” “ET,” “Bird” and “TY.” The Future Stones left things mostly in a state of war with the Latin Kings but Broleeo stopped that war and brought back the alliance.  For the first year the P.R. Familia Stones had no beef with any People nation gangs and only fought with Simon City Royals, Spanish Cobras and Maniac Latin Disciples for the most part.  In 1993, the P.R. Familia Stones found that the Conservative Vice Lords, a People nation gang, were infringing on their drug operations by claiming territory within P.R. Familia Stone turf, this resulted in a brief war and since CVLs were out of their normal area of operation, they were shut down by the Stones.  This was only the beginning of problems with Vice Lords, in 1994 the Stones were upset about Imperial Insane Vice Lords claiming territory along Ainslie Street so the Stones declared war on them as well.  The Latin Kings were wanting to conquer Lawrence and Troy but the Stones were not having it, this resulted in two years of peace between Kings and Stones to go down the drain and the war escalated into serious violence.  The murdering started with the murder of a Latin King named “Renegade,” then the Latin Kings retaliated by gunning down a Stone named “Widget.”

In the year 1996 Broleeo was killed by his own kind then “Slice” took over as the new leader, this was decided because most of the other originals were now dead or in prison.  It was at this point when the name of the organization was changed from Puerto Rican Familia Stones to “La Familia Stones” or “Familia Stones” for short.  This name change was brought about because the organization was taking African American and white members.  The Stones had also spread all over Albany Park by this time period residing at Wilson and Sawyer, Sunnyside and Kedzie, Montrose and Troy, Leland and Kedzie (Future Stones left this one to the Familia Stones), Cullom and Whipple, Berteau and Albany and several members all through the area of Irving Park Road to Leland to Spaulding to Sacramento.  The Familia Stones also opened territory in the Chicago land suburbs of Streamwood, Mount Prospect and Hanover Park.

In 1998, there were several complaints from members that Slice was taxing the hell out of members and brutally enforcing gang laws far more than the bylaws called for.  Slice was said to have no respect for members older than him that were mostly in prison, and this lead to his death in 1998.  The Familia Stones then decided to operate ruled by a council.  The Familia Stones have retained pretty much all their original turf over the years.

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