Chicago Gang History

Status: Extinct

Warlords Wicker Park La Familia Warlords

ColorsBlack and orange
Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Puerto Rican)
AffiliationWicker Park Warlords People since 1980, La Familia Warlords independant
FounderUnknown. Submit info.
Founding year1964? 1975?
Founding neighborhoodWicker Park
Main neighborhoodExtinct

Photo from 1980s Chicago Police manual.  You can see the UPK alliance tag next to the Warlord tag, showing Warlords were really close with the UPK alliance.


This is a tough history to write because there is not a lot of info out there on these guys and also the one source out there on the Stone Greasers site quite frankly confuses me so I will do the best I can.  A history is necessary because these guys were legends on the streets.

The Warlords organization seemed to have two different parts one section in the Bucktown section of the Logan Square neighborhood known as “La Familia Warlords” and the Warlords of the Wicker Park section of the West Town neighborhood.  The exact hoods of the Wicker Park Warlords as far as I know were Damen and Division, Damen and Evergreen (headquarters), Division and Hoyne, Evergreen and Leavitt, Damen and Potomac, Hoyne and Potomac, Milwaukee and Wolcott and Damen and Crystal.

As far as La Familia Warlord section are in Bucktown I do not know specifics.  I am not sure which group is older or when the Warlords started.  I have heard they started back in 1964 in Wicker Park and united with Latin Kings, Pierce Syndicates, Young Sinners and Young Lords, but I also heard that the nation(s) did not come about until 1975.

Both Warlord gangs wore the colors of black and orange and both had unity with Latin Kings and their allies at points in time.  The Warlords gangs fought against Latin Stylers, Latin Disciples (MLDs), Spanish Cobras, Taylor Jousters, and Latin Jivers.

The Warlords of Wicker Park joined the People Nation alliance in 1980 while the La Familia Warlords never joined any alliance.

In the year 1990 the Wicker Park Warlords operations closed down after a war erupted with the Latin Kings and Warlords backed up the Insane Deuces while they were going to war with the Kings as well, there were talks of Warlords switching to the Folk Nation but instead the operation was closed down including their cocaine operation that started in the early 1980s.  This is all I know and I would love some clarity.

Please send in 1970s, 1980s and 1990s pics, and 1960s pics if they existed back then!


  1. were there two separate Warlord gangs?  If so who founded each and what year did each one start?
  2. What was the first section for each Warlord gang and what year did each start up?
  3. Were the two Warlords gangs united at one time? If so what caused the split?
  4. What exact corners did the Familia Warlords have in Bucktown?
  5. Are there anymore Wicker Park corners I did not mention?
  6. What was the time line of leaders?
  7. What year did each corner open and close down?
  8. Was there ever a war with Gaylords?

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