Black Gangster Disciple Nation

In June of 1969, David Barksdale and Larry Hoover called a truce between the Gangster nation and Black Disciple nation.  The two men created an alliance that combined both both of their concepts, this alliance became known as the “Black Gangster Disciples.”  This was just an alliance and was not a merger.  Each men ruled their own nations separately and ruled the B.G.D.N as equal “Kings.”

After David Barksdale passed away in 1974 some Black Disciples began to rebel against the B.G.D.N and split away from it.  In the year 1976 in the prison system, B.G.D.N went defunct as the “Black Disciples” organization was established.  In 1981, the Black Disciples was established on the streets while all others from the B.G.D.N chose to become “Black Gangster Disciples.”  The Black Gangster Disciples used the name to name their organization and the B.G.D.N alliance went officially extinct in 1981.