Folk Nation

On November 11, 1978 Larry Hoover the leader of the Black Gangster Disciples had a vision on how to organize the biggest and/or oldest street gangs to control gang wars and alliances in the prison system.  Later in the 1980s the alliance would organize street wars, alliances and map out established drug turf.  The organization Larry Hoover invented was the “Folk Nation” while his rivals in the meeting in Pontiac Correction Center came up with “People Nation.” Larry Hoover drafted the Folk nation bylaws alongside the Black DisciplesLatin DisciplesSatan DisciplesSimon City RoyalsImperial GangstersSpanish CobrasLatin EaglesAshland VikingsInsane Popes and Two Six.  The People nation was drafted by the EL RuknsVice Lords and Latin Kings.  The People nation had a tie into religion as the EL Rukns and Vice Lords represented the Islam side as Vice Lords converted to Islam right when Folk and People was created.  The Latin Kings represented the Christian/Catholic side.  All Folk nation gangs adopted the six point star symbol of the BGDs and sometimes the pitchfork.  The People nation gangs adopted the EL Rukns’ five point star for all gangs.

In the year 1981, the Folk and People nations opened their doors to allowing more gangs to join.  The big push started in that year when Michael “Mickey Bull” Johnson was released from prison.  Mickey Bull was a high ranking Black Disciple that preached the bylaws of the Folk Nation out on the streets.  He also recruited several more street gangs into the Folk Nation that year resulting in a big push for all gangs to be aligned under either Folk or People.

In the year 1983, Folk and People nation bylaws were enforced on the streets and symbols and fashion trends were made official.  The Folk nation represented the right handed side while the People nation represented the left handed side.  The alliances became very strong in the mid-1980s but by the late 1980s the alliances were hard to control.  By 1988-1992 the Folk and People nation bylaws could no longer be enforced on the streets as the drug trade went wild.  The alliances still exist but no longer guarantee peace.

In the year 1992, all hell broke loose on the north side streets as Imperial GangstersLatin EaglesSpanish Cobras and Maniac Latin Disciples were in a state of violent gang wars over drug turf.  The Folk Nation could no longer bind all these gangs and the need for three sub alliances had to be established.  One of them was the “Almighty” family that consisted of Simon City RoyalsLatin EaglesInsane Popes and Imperial Gangsters.  In 1995, the Harrison Gents left the Insane Family and joined the Almighties.  One thing to clarify, the south side gang Almighty Ambrose has nothing to with this family and the “Almighty” that Ambrose goes by is not an alliance it is only for Ambrose.