The Almighty alliance started with the Simon City Royals, Insane Popes (North side), Imperial Gangsters and Latin Eagles.  I know the Popes have been using the “Almighty” moniker since at least the 1960s.  The Royals have been using “Almighty” since at least the 1980s.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Almighty alliance began in 1979 which was the same year the Insanes and the Maniacs formed.

By 1992, the Almighty alliance was for sure in full swing as a three way agreement to disagree started on the streets between north side Folks.  The Simon City Royals, Insane Popes, Imperial Gangsters and Latin Eagles were the three original gangs that created this alliance and were all that was a part of it at this time.  The Almighties had been having increased conflicts with Insanes and Maniacs between the years of 1989-1992 followed by periods of peace.  By 1992, the peace was much harder to keep and these three organizations had their own division.

In the year 1995, the Harrison Gents joined the Almighties after they had a falling out with the Insanes and ever since then the Almighties have had the same set five gangs.  All are allied and all will take up arms alongside each other against the Maniacs, Insanes and any People Nation gangs.