Insane (South Side)

This “Insane” group is not to be confused with the “Insanes” of the north side headed by the Spanish Cobras.  This Insane alliance is older than the Spanish Cobra alliance.  It has existed since 1976 when the Two Two Boys were formed.  The Two Two Boys had an immediate alliance with the Satan Disciples because Two Two Boy founders were family with Satan Disciples from 24th and Washtenaw.  The Satan Disciples created the Insane alliance and it bound the Two Two Boys and SDs together as official allies.  In the year 1988 Two Two Boys and SDs went to war and Two Two Boys left the alliance but kept the “Insane” name regardless.  In 1992, the SDs added the Majestic Party Crew into this alliance and the Majestics were renamed the “Insane Majestics.”  In 1994, the City Knights became Insane too.