Gaylords, C-Notes, Gents

In the year 1964, The Italian greaser gangs in the West Town squashed their differences after they saw an immediate rise of Puerto Rican gangs around them.  The creation of the Latin Kings and the United Neighborhoods alliance between Latin Kings, Warlords and Spanish Lords was a direct threat to the Italian gangs.  The Italian gangs were also having lots of issues with Polish, Irish and German gangs like Playboys, Ventures and Pulaski Park, therefore, a unity was created called the “Gaylords, C-Notes and Gents,” also know as the “G.C.G.”  I am not sure when this alliance ended but by 1969 the G.C.G allied with the P.V.P.s when both groups became a part of the W.P.O in 1971.  I believe G.C.G. ended in 1969 but I am not sure.