United Five Organization

In the year 1973, Gaylords, C-Notes Taylor Jousters and P.V.P created the “United Five Organization” as a brotherhood so they could fight side by side against the many Puerto Rican gangs that were rising up in the neighborhoods. The UFO was hoping to recruit Chi-West but it never happened officially. These gangs were all part of the W.P.O alliance but that was not a brotherhood only more like a cease fire between the white gangs, the U.F.O was more like a brotherhood so they could fight as “all for one.”  U.F.O wore white arm bands to signify their allegiance as they would swarm sometimes 100 deep with guys from all clubs battling common enemies. These white gangs were mainly focused on fighting Hispanic and black gangs at first but then focused on fighting Simon City Royals and Insane Popes as well by 1975 when the W.P.O broke up due to the Gaylords going to war with Popes and Royals.  In 1975 the U.F.O took in the Hell’s Devils and Taylor Jousters.  The Hell’s Devils joined in 1975 bringing about the UFO II, then in 1978 the White Knights joined and there was hopes for the Freaks to join but that never became official.  The new name of the alliance was “United Fighting Organization” because now there were more than five gangs in the alliance and was UFO III.  The unity disbanded when Gaylords and C-Notes went to war in 1982, then C-Notes went to war with all the other U.F.O clubs.