United Neighborhoods

In the year 1964, the WarlordsLatin KingsSpanish Lords and some other Puerto Rican gangs from Wicker Parkcame together to reach an understanding that they would not war against any fellow Puerto Rican gangs.  They would focus all their conflict with white greaser gangs that were brutally attacking Puerto Rican youths on the streets.  The United Neighborhoods opposed Chi-WestGaylordsTaylor Jousters and C-Notesalong with other various white greaser gangs.

In the year 1974, the United Neighborhoods added the Unknowns into their alliance, a year later the Unknowns would change their name to the Insane Unknowns.

In the year 1977, the United Neighborhoods took in the YBO/GBO, then in 1979 the UN added the Latin Kings from West Humboldt Park.

The United Neighborhoods stood strong even after the People Nation alliance seemed to replace it in the 1980s.  In 1992, the United Neighborhoods collapsed after Latin Kings went to war with Spanish Lords and Insane Unknowns, by this time YBO/GBO went extinct.