14th Street Clovers

Founded Founded in 1989 in or near North Lawndale
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Colors Black and White
Primary ethnicities African American
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Status Extinct

The 14th Street Clovers started in the early or mid-1950s in the North Lawndale neighborhood.  They started as a social athletic club then turned into a street gang by 1955 because of the growing number of gangs in the neighborhood especially Imperial Champlains and Egyptian Cobras.  The Clovers had Bobby Gore as one of their members who was one of the first street active Vice Lords in 1958.

The Clovers were known to be a rough and tough group, in the Chicago Tribune on March 15, 1957 it was stated that they were one of the toughest gangs in the city, the article also talked about how 6 of their members beat an elderly man and also 5 other youths.  It was in that same year that many Clovers were incarcerated during police Captain Thomas O’ Donnell’s crack down on North Lawndale gangs that led to the creation of the Vice Lords because many youths felt they were unjustly charged during the crackdowns, not to also mention the severe police brutality that happened during these crackdowns.  It was also during these crackdowns that the case of James Halsell came about who was a Clover that was severely beaten with a belt during interrogation in the Fillmore Police station until he had serious welts on his back in May of 1957; this led to an FBI and ACLU investigation.  These crackdowns were made possible by a reporter that went undercover as a Clover in 1957 and attended their meetings and reported they smoked marijuana and drank cheap wine and this somehow led to a crackdown on the gang.

Many Clovers flipped to Vice Lords once the Vice Lords hit the streets of North Lawndale in 1958, and after that the Clovers continued to shrink until they went extinct in the year 1960 because the majority of the gang flipped to Vice Lords and they were also losing their war against the Egyptian Cobras.

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  1.  What exact year were the Clovers founded?
  2. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  3. Who were the leaders throughout their existence and what years were they in power?
  4. What street corners did they run and what years did each corner pop up and what years did they lose those corners?
  5. Who were Clover enemies?
  6. Who were Clover allies?
  7. Were the Clovers in any other neighborhoods besides North Lawndale?