Akrhos (Flip City Kings)

Founded Founded
Affiliations Give details
Colors Black, Red, and Gold
Color usage Akrhos - Black and red, Flip City Kings - Black and Gold
Primary ethnicities Asian (Filipino)
Ethnicity notes Asian (Filipino)
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Symbol usage

Flip City Kings – 5 point crown, five point star, lions, Latin King Master

Akrhos – five point star

Status Extinct

I am not the clearest on the history of the Flip City/ Akroh organization so bear with me while I try to tell this story the best I can.  It is important to tell this story because Asians have struggled in Chicago against Hispanic and black gangs and have been bullied terribly by the bigger Hispanic and black gangs on the south side and north side and by the 1980s, Asians had had enough started gang banging under their own banners as many were often mistreated or targeted closer by rivals when they joined Hispanic and black gangs.  These Asian organizations would eventually evolve into some very tough and often ruthless organizations once they separated themselves from blacks and Hispanics.

Filipinos had struggled the most among the gang scene in Chicago as Filipinos never established a Filipino section of the city. Since their migration to Chicago in the earlier 20th century Filipinos were always spread out all over the city making it tough for them to stick together.  Chinese always had Chinatown, Koreans have Korea Town in Albany Park and the Vietnamese have had part of Uptown by Filipinos had to live among them or had to live with Hispanics and blacks instead.

In the early 1980s, Chicago exploded with party crews that were groups that banded together to prevent gangs from attacking them yet they did not identify or act as gangbangers.  This is how “Flip City” began as mostly Filipino kids that got together and stayed away from the Filipino gangs.  Large “Flip parties” were thrown that became a big break dancing show down and often Filipino gangs would fight each other.  There were other crews similar to Flip City like “Flip Paradise,” “Flip Brothers” and “Westside.”  If I’m not mistake Flip City began at Lawrence and Kedzie in the Albany Park neighborhood.  If they didn’t start there, they surely showed up later on.

In the late 1980s, many Filipino groups began to break up but Flip City kept on growing larger and retained a good relationship with the Latin Kings as they helped fight Latin Kings against Folk nation gangs like Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters and Maniac Latin Disciples.  Flip City members were also trying to survive in Marquette Park on the south side of the city fighting against Ambrose, Gangster Disciples and Satan Disciples.  In Marquette Park, once again, Flip City was really tight with Latin Kings.

In the late 1980s, older members of Flip City joined the Latin Kings while still retaining ties to Flip City.  The “Flip Brotherhood” group completely turned Latin King as well.  Within a very short time, all Flip City joined the Latin Kings to the point where “Flip City Kings” was an official branch of the Latin Kings containing all Filipino members.  Flip City Kings used the colors black and gold just like Latin Kings and were part of the People alliance.

Even though Flip City Kings were officially made a Latin King branch they were often regarded as their own entity and were always known just as Flip City Kings.  The Flip City Kings were known to be brawlers while the older members often carried out hits on rivals shooting and stabbing them.  A big war happened in 1989 when Flip City got into it with the Vietnamese Clan (VCs).  Flip City put three VCs in the hospital causing one member to go deaf in one ear.  The VCs resonded viciously by shooting and stabbing several members of the Flips causing many members to flip to VCs out of fear.  The gang shrunk from a few hundred members down to about 100 members who were the truly the most dedicated members.  They responded to VC attacks by blowing up VC cars and houses and murdering some other members.

In the 1990s new generations of Flip City Kings came about, one of the most well-known was the “Akrhos” that started in about he mid-1990s in the Marquette Park neighborhood.  I believe their first section was 61st and California (Ghettoside).  The Akrhos were open to taking in Mexican members and chose their own colors of black and red.  This group often claimed to not be part of the People alliance either.  They soon grew to take 61st and Richmond (The Almighty Side) and 61st and Mozart (Gangster Side).

Both Flip City King groups operated through the rest of the 1990s as original members began fading out of the picture or doing low key undercover work.  The 2000s decade was the last heard of Flip City Kings or Akrhos as they went into extinction.  The Flip City Kings suffered their final blow when high ranking members were caught in a ecstasy drug operation in 2007 attempting to import the drug from Canada to Chicago and California.  Flip City members from Los Angeles and Chicago were connected and Latin Kings were involved.  The bust happened in Chinatown when Canadians, Chinese gangsters, Latin Kings and Flip City Kings met to do the deal then authorities burst in.  The leadership of the Flip City Kings was taken down and this ended the organization.