Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters

Founded Founded c. 1971 by Hickey Nut, Angel, and King Rusty in or near Morgan Park
Formerly known as

Black Gangster Lynchmen

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Colors Black and Grey
Primary ethnicities African American
Symbols 3 Point Crown, Globe, and Lynchmen forks
Status Active

When Larry Hoover first took assimilated with the Disciples and the Black Gangster Disciple nation was formed; Larry chose three men to be his top enforcers: King Rusty, Hickey Nut and Angel.

In the year 1971, these three men and others had friction with some Black Gangster Disciples and wanted a split from the BGDN, however, not all ties would be severed.  The splintered group moved to the Morgan Park neighborhood and started their own organization the “Black Gangster Lynchmen.”  The organization took over Cooper Park (Coopville) which is an area between 115th to 118th, and Ashland to Racine.

The Black Gangster Disciples and Black Gangster Lynchmen would remain allies and would both become a part of the Folk Nation alliance in 1978.

The Lychmen had a strong presence in the Morgan Park neighborhood in the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s.  By the 1990s relations between the Gangster Disciples and Lynchmen worsened to the point where the Lynchmen broke away further from the GDs and adopted a new name, The Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters.  War ensued on the streets between GDs and LSGs after the breakaway but in prison the LSGs are closer with the Folk Nation and the GDs.

Over time King Rusty and Angel were killed in the streets while Hickey Nut was put in prison and became the leader from behind prison walls.  Over time LSG shrunk in size down to having main operations only at Cooper Park.