Harrison Courts

Hood(s) East Garfield Park;

Congress Parkway on the north, Harrison Street on the south, Francisco Avenue on the east, Sacramento Boulevard on the west

Lifecycle – , ;

The Harrison Courts project complex was built in the year 1958 as a response to the growing African American population in the East Garfield Park neighborhood and the many more impoverished African Americans that were soon to migrate to this neighborhood after being displaced during the Dan Ryan Expressway construction.  These projects consisted on three 7 story mid-rises with a total of 126 units between the three buildings.

I do not have much information about these projects as far as crime or deterioration etc… I do not even know what gangs have ever claimed these projects but I can gather from the lack of info, articles, stories out there that these were not one of the more violent or crime ridden projects in Chicago.  These buildings were renovated some time ago but I have no more info.