Chicago Gang History

Status: Active

Almighty Latin Eagles

Formerly known asLatin Eagles 1960s-1992
ColorsBlack and grey
Primary ethnicitiesLatino (Puerto Rican)
SymbolsEagle head, letter "E" with three dots
AffiliationFolks since 1978
FounderUnknown. Submit info.
Founding yearEarly to mid 1960s
Founding neighborhoodLakeview, Addison and Halsted
Main neighborhoodHermosa

From a 1980s Chicago Police manual, back when they tagged the pitchfork

From a 1980s Chicago Police manual.


I have a history on the Latin Eagles but I was told there was inaccuracies that were disagreeable but I was not told exactly all what parts were disagreeable, the history will be taken down for now until I receive other info.

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