Chicago Gang History

Status: Extinct

Gangster Stones

ColorsBlack and red
Primary ethnicitiesAfrican American
SymbolsPyramid with 21 bricks and a number 7 in the sun behind the point of the pyramid, eye behind the pyramid, crossed shotguns
AffiliationPeople since 1978
FounderHerman "Moose" Holmes
Founding year1969
Founding neighborhoodWoodlawn 61st and Dorchester
Main neighborhoodExtinct


On this site I have vowed to not write histories for factions of gangs because that would be too much work; however, the Gangster Stones have such a unique history that I feel the need to write about them especially since they have factions that were linked to three major African American street gangs over the course of history.

The story starts in January of 1969 when the leader of the Black Stone Rangers/Black P Stone Nation Jeff Fort extended the olive branch to the Supreme Gangster/Gangster Nation leader Larry Hoover.  Young 18 year old Larry Hoover was battling three much bigger enemies on the streets that outnumbered his Gangsters, the Vice Lords, Black Disciple Nation and Black P Stone Nation, Fort knew this was a burden fighting all these larger enemies while trying to build a nation of Gangsters that was only a fraction in numbers compared to Disciples, Stones and Vice Lords so Fort offered Hoover a seat on the BPSN council and the consolidation of the entire Gangster Nation and all the gangs within that nation into the Black P Stone Nation

The grand vision was the Fort promised Hoover incredible power within the BPSN and the BPSN would eventually become the Gangster Stone Nation; however as the first 6 months of 1969 flew by that promise was not really lived up to and the Gangster Stones were just another brick in the pyramid, not only that the word was not put out around the city that Gangsters were now Stones and this led to acts of violence of Black P Stone gangs against Gangsters

I put up one example in my Gangster Disciple history when I picked apart the court case (People v. Smith, ILLINOIS APPELLATE COURT FIRST DISTRICT (2ND DIVISION)) that proves that Gangsters merged with Stones and that it also was not well known in the streets, Charles Hoover, the brother of Larry Hoover had to deal with a mess caused by it in May of 1969. 

In June of 1969 Larry Hoover had enough of this arrangement because it was not what he wanted for his Gangsters; therefore, he met with David Barksdale the leader of the Devil’s Disciples/Black Disciple Nation to discuss combining Gangster and Disciple concepts. Barksdale offered Hoover much more than Fort as a clean and even merger that put Hoover second in command of the empire and created the Black Gangster Disciple Nation

Some of the original Gangster Nation did not agree with siding with the Disciples and the spokesman for those that had a grievance was Herman “Moose” Holmes who was in charge of the Supreme Gangsters/Gangster Stones from 61st and Dorchester in the Woodlawn neighborhood.  Legend has it that Hoover did not fight Holmes about it and instead blessed Holmes with staying within the Stones this kept the Gangster Stones alive, then Jeff Fort was so please with Moose’s loyalty he promoted Moose to be a top general in the BPSN.

The Gangster Stones were mostly a south side operation in the 1970s.  In the year 1981 Jeff Fort and a young Gangster Stone leader Henry “June Bug” Brown saw an opportunity to make large profits in drug distribution on the west side of the city in the Henry Horner projects in the Near West Side neighborhood.  Jeff Fort blessed Brown with a conquest of the projects and the vast majority of the Gangster Stones moved operations into these buildings, some members even took up residence in the buildings mainly at 150 North Hermitage Ave (Lake Street and Hermitage), this building became known as “The Fortress” and became a Gangster Stone stronghold. 

After setting up operations at the Fortress Henry Brown connected with Vice Lord factions that were already mildly present in those projects, in that same year Vice Lords stepped up their drug operations in these buildings and both gangs had a rivalry in common against the Black Gangster Disciples in those projects.  Brown established the closest contact with Ebony Vice Lord leader “Lord Casper.”  Lord Casper was leading the Ebony Vice Lords on the streets while the Clay brothers Roosevelt and Arthur Clay were in prison for a 1975 murder. 

Lord Casper and June Bug created a group that combined Vice Lord and Gangster Stone concepts called the “Gangster Stone Vice Lords.”  I am not sure where the GSVLs operated and I also heard they were not an authorized branch by the Vice Lord Nation and that is why Lord Casper was killed in the late 1980s which also ended the GSVLs.  The Ebony Vice Lords and Gangster Stones still operated separately while GSVLs were active.

Henry “June Bug” Brown continued to be the leader of the Gangster Stones and operated a complex drug operation in the projects; Brown also had zero tolerance for anyone that owed him money.  In March 1995 June Bug was infuriated that a man took a car and $3,500 from Brown, Brown knew who the man was but could not find him so Brown paid a visit to the man’s brother and sister’s place because he knew where they lived, that brother was Gaddis Johnson.  Brown and his wife came to the door and when the door was answered Henry Brown pulled out a gun and demanded that Gaddis Johnson come with him and get in his van, Brown was accompanied by his wife Ladrina Stewart.  The two of them drove Johnson to The Fortress on that March 8, 1995 evening, Brown ordered all the Stones standing in front of the building selling drugs to clear out of the way of the entrance.  Brown met up with William Beach and Timothy Belin and they tied Johnson up with duct tape.  The men forced Johnson into a closet with an angry pit bull that bit Johnson on the wrist according to court documents.  The men then pulled Johnson out of the closet and called Johnson’s sister and put the screaming Gaddis Johnson on the phone, the three men demanded Johnson’s sister pay up what her other brother owed, when his sister could not produce the $3,500 her other brother owed the men proceeded to heat up butter knives and metal coat hangers on the stove until they were scolding hot then they burned Johnson several times with the searing hot objects while Johnson screamed in pain over the phone.  The men then poured chlorine bleach and salt into Johnson’s wounds causing incredible pain.  All this torture went on for two days then the men untied Johnson and ordered him to put his clothes back on, they then tied him back up and put a duffle bag over his head and led him back into the van and drove to another apartment where they asked him again where his brother was and when Johnson still said he did not know they said they gave up and were just going to put a bullet in his head and heart by the railroad tracks and they brought Johnson back to the van.  When the men stopped to get some fast food Johnson escaped from the van and ran to a nearby EL station where he called his family and eventually police were called and the four were arrested.  Brown’s wife ended up testifying against the three men in the 1998 trial.  Timothy Belin had his case dropped but Brown and Beach were convicted and still are in prison for the crimes (People v. Brown, 870 N.E.2d 1033 (Ill. App. Ct. 2007)).

After the incarceration of June Bug the Gangster Stones nearly ceased operations especially after The Fortress was torn down, it is said the Gangster Stones still operate but nobody ever says where they operate which says they have no visible territory.

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  1.  What happened to Herman Holmes, what year did he give up leadership?  1981?
  2. I need info about the Gangster Stone Vice Lords, where they were at or anything.
  3. Did all south side GS factions close when the Henry Horner section opened?


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