Gangster Stones

Founded Founded in 1969 by Moose Man in or near Near West Side
Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Red
Primary ethnicities African American
Symbols Pyramid, 7, Sun, Eye, and Shotgun
Symbol usage

Pyramid with 21 bricks and a number 7 in the sun behind the point of the pyramid, eye behind the pyramid, crossed shotguns

Status Active

The Gangster Stone history is indeed very interesting and unique from just about any other organization in Chicago history.  The Gangster Stones are technically a faction of the Black P Stones but the G Stones stand out as unique, therefore, I chose to make a page for this organization due to the unique history.

Historically Gangsters and Stones are two rival groups that have a long history of blood shed since 1964 on the south side of Chicago.  Gangsters (more formerly known as Supreme Gangsters) started in the Englewood neighborhood in 1964 and the Black P Stones started in Woodlawn before 1964.  In 1968, the Supreme Gangsters went to war with the Black Disciples who were also enemies with Black P Stones.  During that year a lot of hate developed between many Supreme Gangsters toward the Disciples and when Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort became allies in early 1969 there were Supreme Gangsters that didn’t like the alliance but there were other groups that respected the alliance very much and thought it was a great move.

The alliance between the Gangster nation and Black P Stone nation in 1969 was not a merger at all, instead it was just a loose alliance between the two alliances and they did not combine concepts.  By the summer of that year Jeff Fort wanted Larry Hoover and his Gangsters to combine concepts with the BPSN to create the “Gangster Stones,” an original concept drawn up by Jeff Fort.  Larry Hoover rejected Gangster Stone concepts and refused to honor it especially since he would not rule as an equal to Jeff Fort and Larry Hoover instead went to draw a different alliance with the rival Black Disciples.

Many Supreme Gangsters were on board with this alliance with the Disciples but there were some that were spiteful of this alliance and downright wouldn’t honor it.  This group split from the rest of the Gangsters and went to Jeff Fort to accept the Gangster Stone concepts.  Moose Man was the leader of this breakaway and Jeff Fort was very pleased with Moose Man for coming to him and gave special honor to the new Gangster Stones.  This would be a complete merger of Gangster and Stone concepts as one.  Back in the late 60s the Supreme Gangsters and the Stones were about making money on the streets and were some of the more money making organizations in the city at that time so a combination of their concepts fostered a money making entity.

I’m not positive but I think the Gangsters that merged with the Stones came from the Roseland neighborhood on 104th Street and it was these Gangsters that merged with the Stones but I’m not sure.  One thing for sure though is the Gangster Stones headed out west into the Henry Horner projects at some point.

The Gangster Stones set up in Henry Horner and put Jeff Fort’s BPSN on the map on the west side of Chicago.  It is likely the Gangster Stones arrived in 1969 and soon they became the dominant organization in these buildings conquering the vast majority of the older buildings in the complex.  The Gangster Stones also operated the most sophisticated drug market (Reference: The Hidden War: Crime and the tragedy or Public Housing in Chicago).  The headquarters for the Gangster Stones was at the 150 North Hermitage Aveenue building (Lake and Hermitage intersection) known as “The Fortress.” (Source: People v. Brown, 870 N.E.2d 1033 Ill. App. Ct. 2007).

The Gangster Stones had a rivalry with Black Gangster Disciples and at times they were at war with Vice Lord factions in Henry Horner.  At other times the Gangster Stones were allies with Vice Lords and this brought about an alliance in the 1980s and possibly 1990s called “Gangster Stone Vice Lords.”

At some point Henry “June Bug” Brown took over leadership even though Moose Man was always a behind the scenes leader.  Moose Man taught Gangster Stones fearlessness in the face of the enemy and he was only 15 years old when he created the Gangster Stones but did not fear going up against older adversaries.  Henry Brown was also a money maker just like Moose Man and June Bug was also a real gangster as well.

Henry “June Bug” Brown operated a complex drug operation in the projects; Brown also had zero tolerance for anyone that owed him money.  In March 1995 June Bug was infuriated that a man took a car and $3,500 from Brown, Brown knew who the man was but could not find him so Brown paid a visit to the man’s brother and sister’s place because he knew where they lived, that brother was Gaddis Johnson.  Brown and his wife came to the door and when the door was answered Henry Brown pulled out a gun and demanded that Gaddis Johnson come with him and get in his van, Brown was accompanied by his wife Ladrina Stewart.  The two of them drove Johnson to The Fortress on that March 8, 1995 evening, Brown ordered all the Stones standing in front of the building selling drugs to clear out of the way of the entrance.  Brown met up with William Beach and Timothy Belin and they tied Johnson up with duct tape.  The men forced Johnson into a closet with an angry pit bull that bit Johnson on the wrist according to court documents.  The men then pulled Johnson out of the closet and called Johnson’s sister and put the screaming Gaddis Johnson on the phone, the three men demanded Johnson’s sister pay up what her other brother owed, when his sister could not produce the $3,500 her other brother owed the men proceeded to heat up butter knives and metal coat hangers on the stove until they were scolding hot then they burned Johnson several times with the searing hot objects while Johnson screamed in pain over the phone.  The men then poured chlorine bleach and salt into Johnson’s wounds causing incredible pain.  All this torture went on for two days then the men untied Johnson and ordered him to put his clothes back on, they then tied him back up and put a duffle bag over his head and led him back into the van and drove to another apartment where they asked him again where his brother was and when Johnson still said he did not know they said they gave up and were just going to put a bullet in his head and heart by the railroad tracks and they brought Johnson back to the van.  When the men stopped to get some fast food Johnson escaped from the van and ran to a nearby EL station where he called his family and eventually police were called and the four were arrested.  Brown’s wife ended up testifying against the three men in the 1998 trial.  Timothy Belin had his case dropped but Brown and Beach were convicted and still are in prison for the crimes (Source: People v. Brown, 870 N.E.2d 1033 Ill. App. Ct. 2007).

After the incarceration of June Bug the city began the tear down of the Henry Horner projects and by the late 2000s all of the projects were torn down and by 2010 everything was gone which displaced the Gangster Stones out of their main turf, however, the Gangster Stones had already spread nationwide with sets in many other states like Indiana and New York City as examples.  I’m not sure if G-Stones are in Chicago area anymore but they certainly are in multiple other states.