Founded Founded c. 1960 by Lalo in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
Founding story

Founded Pilsen, 17th and Racine.

Formerly known as

Los Brasers 1960s; Brazers 1971-1980?

Affiliations ;
Colors Black, White, Red, and Green
Color usage Green, white and red 1960s-1980; Black and red 1980-present
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Mexican Flag, Eagle's Head, and Spear
Symbol usage

Mexican flag eagle’s head 1960s-1980; Pitchfork and spear 1980-present

Status Active

The Brazers story starts out on the south west side of Chicago at the intersection of 17th and Racine in the Pilsen section of the Lower West Side neighborhood.  It was in the 1960s that “Lalo” formed a gang called the “Los Braseros.” Los Braseros wore the colors of the Mexican flag as their official colors.

In 1971, Los Braseros changed their name to the “Brazers.”  The Brazers liked to dress real nice which was their style.  After a short amount of time, the Brazers found themselves mixing things up with neighborhood gangs like the Halsted Boys, Morgan Deuces and the Kool Gang.  Brazers also were at war with Latin Kings from the surrounding areas of Pilsen.

The Brazers never made any effort to have a lot of allies in Pilsen because they simply did not care and they knew they were tougher fighters than a lot of other gangs, this attitude led them to be shot at big time by several rival gangs.  In the late 1970s the Brazers began to fade out of Pilsen because they refused to gang bang with guns.

In 1980 some old school Brazers such as Tarzan, Choli, Chongo and Beto moved near Chase Park  section of the Uptown neighborhood where they eventually took turf at Leland and Beacon, Ashland and Ainslie, Lawrence and Clark and Lawrence and Paulina. The Brazers basically dominated Chase Park in a short period of time as they fought with the Gaylords, Vice Lords, Kenmore Boys and Latin Kings.  In that same year the Brazers changed their ways and now had no issue using guns to fight off rivals they also adopted new colors of black and red and officially joined the Folk Nation in 1981, thanks to the assistance of the Black Gangsters Disciples.  The Brazers then adopted the pitchfork gang symbol to show their allegiance to the BGDs.  Brazers also befriended other Folks such as the Simon City Royals and Young Stylers (Latin Stylers).

The Brazers fought vicious gang wars with People Nation enemies throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s.  Brazers were able to expand their turf in the mid 1990s to the intersection of Morse and Wayne in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

At some point the Brazers went to war with fellow Folks the Spanish Cobras and Ashland Vikings.  Later into the 1990s and especially by the early 2000s the Uptown neighborhood became heavily gentrified and was too expensive for Brazers to stay in Chase Park; therefore, the Brazers closed down their Uptown turf and moved all operations to Morse and Wayne where they remained.

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  1.  What exact year did the Brazers form as Los Braseros?
  2. What happened to Lalo?
  3. What years did each leader lead up to the year 2000?
  4. What exact year did Brazers war with Cobras and Vikings and why?
  5. Why did the spear become a symbol?