Latin Counts

Founded Founded c. 1955 in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
Formerly known as

Texans 1955-1957, Sons of Mexico City 1957-1959, Latin Counts 1959-present

Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Red
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Count Dracula, Knight's Helmet, and Cross
Symbol usage

Cross with 5 slashes above it 1978-present

Status Active

The Latin Counts started in the late 1950s.  Family and close friends started the original Latin Counts, which these days are known as Senior Counts, younger branches from the early 60s until today still exist.  From the Senior Counts, Latin Counts, Junior Counts, Little Latin Counts and Pee Wee Counts to what is now known as the Almighty Insane Latin Count Nation.

What started originally in Pilsen now exists in many parts of Illinois and Detroit Michigan.

More of the history to come very soon….stay tuned!




Please send in old school pics,  1950s and 1960s pics would be extra appreciated!


  1. What year did Marquette Park open?  What year did it close and why?
  2. What year did Mckinley Park open?
  3. What year did Cicero open?
  4. What year did Chicago Heights open?
  5. What year did Kings and Counts go to war before the People nation existed and why?