Latin Stones

Founded Founded in or near South Chicago
Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Red
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Sun and Crescent Moon
Symbol usage

21 brick pyramid

Status Active

I do not know much about these guys at all.  All I know is they have been around for quite some time, at least since the 1980s.  They are heavily allied with the Black P Stones and are in the same family with Black P Stones and Familia Stones under the People Nation alliance.  I think the Black P Stones and Familia Stones have something to do with the Latin Stones’ formation.  I theorize the Latin Stones started in the year 1981 when the Spanish Vice Lords started in South Deering and the Spanish Gangsters Disciples formed in South Chicago nearby.  The SVLs and SGDs were started by the Black Gangsters Disciples and Conservative Vice Lords in order to break their racial boundaries and start a Latino faction of each of their gangs (they did not do this in collaboration with each other).  I theorize the EL Rukns (now known as Black P Stones) got in on the action and started their Latino offshoot gang called the “Latin Stones” that were placed in the South Chicago neighborhood to combat the SGDs.  This is my theory and I hope to get confirmation someday or give the real history.

Please send in any old school pics from before the year 2000


  1.  What exact year did these guys start?
  2. What was the first corner?
  3. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  4. What was the time line of leader up to 2000?
  5. Was this organization sponsored by the Black Stones from the start like how the P.R. Stones got their start?
  6. What year did these guys go to war with Latin Counts and why?
  7. Did any sets ever go extinct, if so which ones and when?