Insane Campbell Boys

Founded Founded in 1984 by Henry and Big Chino in or near West Town West Town: East Humboldt Park
Founding story

Founded in East Humboldt Park section of West Town neighborhood at Augusta and Campbell

Affiliations ;
Colors Gold and Maroon
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Skull and Fire
Symbol usage

Skull with flames

Status Extinct

The Maniac Campbell Boys are a late bloomer in the gang scene on the northern part of Chicago, however, they made a name for themselves very quickly.  I am not well versed on their early history and I don’t know if there ever was an overall “Campbell Boys” organization before there was Insane Campbell Boys and Maniac Campbell Boys.  I had heard there was in about the early 1980s but I have never confirmed that or heard much proof that ever happened.

The Insane Campbell Boys were put together the same year as the similar Maniac Campbell boys in 1984.  “Henry” was the founder and “Big Chino” was co-founder and Vice President of the Insane Campbell Boys and put them at the intersection of Augusta and Campbell in the East Humboldt Park neighborhood.  Unlike the similar Maniac Campbell Boys the Insane Campbell Boys were sponsored by the Insane Dragons and were brought into the Insane alliance thanks to the Dragons.  The Insane Campbell Boys had a very strong relationship with Spanish Cobras, Insane Dragons and YLO Cobras.

The Insane Campbell Boys were not a well-known gang in the 1980s but soon exploded into popularity in the early 1990s and swelled to over 100 members.  For a small gang the Insane Campbell Boys had a lot of fire power and became one of the more ruthless gangs in West Town for awhile.

Insane Campbell Boys got most of their notoriety during the beginning of the Insane and Maniac wars of the early 1990s which also led to their extinction.

In the year 1992, the Insanes began going at it bad with Maniacs and the ICBs were fully involved.  In one incident the “Murder Town” Maniac Latin Disciples from Talman and Washtenaw attempted a drive by shooting on Augusta and Campbell but were met with the fury of a Uzi machine gun that the ICBs shot at them.  An hour later the Disciples returned again and were met with the fury of a .45 pistol this time.

The big incident that gave Insane Campbell Boys big recognition that also led to their downfall was a few incidents in January and February in the year 1994.  In January of that year during a temporary war between Insanes and Maniacs, Maniac Latin Disciple gang member Nelson “Wolfie” Vargas attacked a member of the Insane Campbell Boys and shot him in his fingers trying to kill him but the gun jammed, Vargas then proceeded to pistol whip him.  The Insane Campbell Boy never forgot about that and held a grudge he couldn’t let go of.  In February the Insane Campbell Boy caught Wolfie after school at Roberto Clemente High School after all the kids had just got out.  The ICB was in the company of Spanish Cobras when he confronted Wolfie and the Cobras did not expect the ICB to pull out a gun on Wolfie.  The enraged ICB showed Wolfie his fingers in rage and Wolfie laughed at his crippled fingers causing the ICB to start shooting Wolfie as Wolfie kept laughing at him, the ICB shot Wolfie to death and since Spanish Cobras were standing near the shooter they were blamed for being part of the shooting.  This incident brought the Spanish Cobras into conflict with Maniac Latin Disciples.

Spanish Cobras were upset with Insane Cambell Boys for breaking the peace treaty in 1994 and demanded the ICBs disband.  Spanish Cobras, Dragons and YLO Cobras were all going to team up on ICBs if they didn’t disband.  The ICBs had no choice but to disband as members flipped to Spanish Cobras, Latin Jivers and even one became a Latin King.

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