Two Ones

Founded Founded in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
Founding story

Founded in the Heart of Chicago section of the Lower West Side neighborhood near 21st and Western

Formerly known as

Two Ones; Insance Two Ones 1980-extinction

Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Green
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Sickle and Dice
Symbol usage

Dice with two and one showing, pitchfork 1980-1990s

Status Extinct

I do not know a whole lot about these guys.  I know they have been around at least since the early 1980s but I think they were around in the 1970s too but I have not heard anything.  The Two Ones started at the intersection of 21st Street and Western Avenue in the Heart of Chicago section of the Lower West Side neighborhood, hence, where they get the “Two One” in their name after 21st Street.

The Two Ones got along with the Satan Disciples and became enemies with Latin Kings, Bishops, Stone Kents and Cullerton Deuces in the area.  The Two Ones were also known to hang out down the street in the playground at Pickard Elementary School located at 2301 W 21st Pl (Cermak Road and Western Ave).  Many gang fights and shooting happened in this park because of the Two Ones going at it with rival gangs.  The Two Ones also were known to slug it out with the Racine Boys from 18th and Racine in the Pilsen side of the Lower West Side neighborhood.

In the year 1980 the Two Ones became so close with the Satan Disciples that they joined the Folk Nation alliance and became the “Insane Two Ones” to honor the SDs.  The Two Ones also became real close with Ambrose in the 1980s.  In the 1990s the Two Ones ended up at war with the Satan Disciples, but I do not know the circumstances for that or what year that popped off.  The Two Ones began to fade once the new century rolled in until they mostly closed shop.

Please send in 1970s, 1980s and 1990s pics and anything older if they existed!


  1.  What exact year did the Two Ones start?
  2. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  3. Did the Two ones have any other sections besides 21st and Western?  If so where and what years did each open and close down?
  4. What is the time line of leaders?
  5. What other enemies did Two Ones have besides the ones listed?
  6. What year did war between SDs and Two Ones start, and what caused the war?
  7. What year did war start with Racine Boys and why?  Was there a truce in the 1980s when they both just turned Folk?
  8. What year did Two Ones close the last section?