Latin Dragons

Founded Founded c. 1981 in or near South Chicago
Founding story

Previously affiliated with People from 1980-1996 then independent from 1996-1997 before affiliating with Folks.

Formerly known as

Almighty Latin Dragons 1980-1996

Affiliations ;
Colors Black and White
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Diamond and Dragon's Head
Symbol usage

Black and white diamond, black and white dragon head

Status Active

I do not know a whole lot about this organization, all I know is that they came up in about 1981 when the South Chicago neighborhood began to have more serious gang problems.  Gangs like Latin Kings, Latin Counts, Ambrose, Spanish Gangster Disciples, Black Gangster Disciples, Black P Stones and Spanish Vice lords began growing in the area and this is when the Latin Dragons were put together.  It is said that the Latin Dragons were founded by Latin King gang members that peacefully broke away.  Somehow, the Latin Dragons were taken right into the People Nation alliance in 1981 which leads me to believe they probably did consist of former Latin Kings because I can see no other way a brand new gang could just walk right into the People Nation.  The Latin Dragons were good allies with Latin Kings, Latin Counts, Spanish Vice Lords and EL Rukns (Black P Stones).  The Dragons had turf at 88th and Buffalo and 90th and Houston which was two blocks away on both sides from the Spanish Gangster Disiciples which led to a vicious gang war with SGDs.  The Dragons expanded greatly in the early 1990s to have turf from 83rd to 87th and Colfax to Commercial “Dragon Town.”  Latin Dragons also learned to really hate Black Gangsters Disciples as they expanded more.

Things would start to dramatically change for the Latin Dragons in the mid-1990s when disputes with Latin Kings began to heat up.  South Chicago was crowded with People Nation gangs, especially after the SGDs were pretty much gone from 88th and Houston, there was not enough room for all of them in the same neighborhood.  Latin Kings and Latin Counts were already at war since 1991, now the Latin Kings were pushing the Dragons around and the Dragons would not take it then the Dragons erupted into a vicious gang war with Latin Kings beginng in 1992. When the Dragons tried to go before the People Nation to voice their grievances, the board ignored the Dragons especially the Black P Stones.  By 1996 the Latin Dragons dropped out of the People Nation alliance and began gunning for Latin Kings, Latin Counts, Black P. Stones and Spanish Vice Lords.  The Dragons established a truce with the SGDs then joined the Folk Nation alliance in 1997.

The Latin Dragons really have not lost any turf over the years and viciously fight other gangs using as much violence as necessary to retain their turf.

Please send in some pics from when Dragons were People nation!


  1.  What exact year were the Dragons founded?
  2. What was the story behind the Dragons formation?
  3. Who was the founder? What happened to him?
  4. What was the first street corner?
  5. What was the time line of leaders up to the year 2000?
  6. What caused the war with Latin Kings and what year did it start?
  7. Did the Dragons war with any other People nation gangs while they were with the People nation?
  8. Was it SGDs that sponsored the Dragons into Folks?