Maniac Campbell Boys

Founded Founded in 1984 in or near West Town West Town: East Humboldt Park
Founding story

Founded in the East Humboldt park section of West Town neighborhood near Lemoyne and Campbell

Formerly known as

Campbell Boys 1984-1989

Affiliations ;
Colors Blue and Red
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Monk, Shield, and Devil Horns
Symbol usage

Pitchfork 1989-present, Shield with horns 1989-present, Monks 1989-present

Status Active

The Maniac Campbell Boys are a late bloomer in the gang scene on the northern part of Chicago.  Over at the intersection of Campbell and Lemoyne in the East Humboldt Park section of the West Town neighborhood in 1984, some youths got together that hung out with Latin Disciples and YLO Disciples in the area.  These youths were contemplating joining the Latin Disciples but instead they felt it would be an even better idea to start their own gang that would dominate Campbell Street starting with Campbell and Lemoyne and work their way across the north side of East Humboldt Park.  The youths called their new gang the “Campbell boys.”

The Campbell Boys soon got real popular and spread all over Campbell Street taking North Ave and Campbell, Wabansia and Campbell and Campbell and Hirsch. The Campbell Boys had a thriving drug business in the 1980s on Campbell Street where several customers would pull up in their cars and buy drugs then leave.  The Campbell Boys basically operated a drive thru type of drug business and eventually, this made allies jealous of their operation.

By 1989, the Latin Disciples were noticing the Campbell Boys were growing; however, they were growing right near Latin Disciple turf.  The LDs then told the Campbell Boys that they should join the Folk Nation and ally up with the LDs or else the LDs may have to go to war with them.  The Campbell Boys saw that the LDs asked nicely and decided it was a great idea.

The Campbell Boys would need full sponsorship in order to get into Folks so they adopted LD symbols such as the monk and pitchforks.  The Campbell boys also adopted with the first name “Maniac” that came from the Latin Disciple literature and the gang was now called the “Maniac Campbell Boys.”  Soon after the MCBs were able to expand their turf to Maplewood and Lemoyne, Talman and Lemoyne and North Ave and Rockwell.

By the year 1991, the Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples were beginning to feud over drug turf in East Humboldt Park and this led to an all out bloody gang war by 1992.  The Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples then told their allies to pick whether to be a part of the Spanish Cobras’ “Insane Familia” or the Latin Disciples’ “Maniac Familia.”

The Maniac Latin Disciples basically figured they had the Maniac Campbell Boys under their wing and automatically considered them Maniacs; however, the Campbell Boys on Campbell and Wabansia were listening more to the Spanish Cobras and were loving the Insane Familia idea more.  The Campbell Boys were in the middle of a war torn area between Cobras and Disciples so it was difficult because the Campbell Boys in general hung out with both organizations but this was not the 80s anymore it was time to choose one or the other and on Campbell and Wabansia the Boys hung with Cobras more than anything, and that is how they could not agree and the Campbell Boys from Wabansia and Campbell decided to break away from the MCBs and the Maniacs and joined forces with the Spanish Cobras and entered into the “Insane Familia.”  These Campbell Boys’ were now called the “Insane Campbell Boys.”

Soon after the ICBs opened turf on Augusta and Campbell.  This division of the Cambell Boys caused the Campbell Boys’ membership with the “La Tabla” board of the Latin FolksSpanish Growth and Development to get revoked because they were divided between two powerful and warring nations.

Later into the 1990s both Campbell Boys suffered a loss of territory as the MCBs lost Talman and Lemoyne, Maplewood and Lemoyne and North Ave and Rockwell while the ICBs lost Wabansia and Campbell.  As the decade came to an end the Insane Campbell Boys faded into extinction and were no longer at Augusta and Campbell.  The Maniac Campbell Boys would eventually shrink down to just Campbell and Lemoyne.

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  1.  I theorize the Campbell Boys started before 1984, is that true, or is 1984 the start up year?
  2. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  3. What led to the decision to create the Insane Campbell Boys and who was the founder of that group?  What happened to that founder?
  4. What exact year did the ICBs go extinct?