Milwaukee Kings

Founded Founded by Felipe in or near West Town West Town: River West
Founding story

Founded in the River West section of West Town neighborhood

Formerly known as

Milwaukee Kings 1970s-present; Maniac Milwaukee Kings 1992-1995

Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Orange
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Rounded Crown, King Head, Jack-o'-lantern, and 13-11
Symbol usage

King head with teardrop in right eye, circle with curved line horizontally through it, pitchfork 1980-1995

Status Active

The Milwaukee Kings’ story goes back to the 1970s decade in the River West section of the West Town neighborhood.  This organization started at the intersection of Milwaukee Ave and Grand Ave the spread a little while later to Milwaukee and Ogden.  The Milwaukee Kings started in the year 1964 which was the same year Latin Kings developed in the area, right away Milwaukee Kings did not get along with Latin Kings and a viciously rivalry broke out in the River West area as these two gangs were the main gangs operating in this area fighting over Milwaukee Avenue.

In 1966 the Milwaukee Kings developed a close relationship with the Disciples street gang from East Humboldt Park, that later became known as the Maniac Latin Disciples that we know today.  The Milwaukee Kings were a party crew and the respected the leader of the Disciples Albert Hernandez, in fact, a member of the Milwaukee Kings was a family friend to Albert Hernandez’s family, so the two gangs were extremely close.

On the 4th of July 1971 a Milwaukee King was murdered in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood at the intersection of Kedzie and Division by Latin Kings, this murder infuriated Latin Disciples and Milwaukee Kings, then to make matters worse on January 18, 1972 the Latin Kings murdered Albert Hernandez, but the killer was never caught.  Milwaukee Kings and Latin Disciples knew the King that did it and served street justice by killing him in 1972.

The Milwaukee Kings always hated Latin Kings since day one so the story of them coming from Latin Kings is false as they always hated Latin Kings and were solid allies with Latin Disciples, this led them to join the Folk Nation alliance in the year 1981.

The Milwaukee Kings moved off of Milwaukee Ave and landed at Huron and Noble moving them west of the Kennedy Expressway in the southern West Town area where the gang fought with the C-Notes.

During the 1980s, the Milwaukee Kings grew in numbers and gained notoriety fast.  The MKs soon opened at Chestnut and Noble (Eckhart Park) in the Noble Square section of West Town.  Before long, the MKs spread into the Logan Square neighborhood where they multiplied and took turf around Riis Park in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood from Fullerton Ave to Altgeld and Marmora to Meade “M-Town.”

In the year 1991, the Spanish Cobras, Latin Disciples, Latin Eagles and Imperial Gangsters began to feud over drug territory and by 1992 they were in a state of a three way gang war.  These bigger gangs approached all their smaller allies like the Milwaukee Kings and told them they had to choose which of the three they would be allied with while you would have to go to war with the other two.  The Milwaukee Kings were closer to the Latin Disciples because of a deep history of being close to the MLD founder Albert Hernandez so they sided with the Disciples.  The Latin Disciples then created the “Maniac Familia” and took on the official name “Maniac Latin Disciples.”  Any gang that sided with the MLDs had to carry the first name of “Maniac” and that is when the Milwaukee Kings became the “Maniac Milwaukee Kings.” Now the Milwaukee Kings would begin a war with the Spanish Cobras and the Insane Familia gangs and the “Almighty” gangs that are allied with the Imperial Gangsters and Latin Eagles.

In the year 1993, high ranking members “Kono” and “Jey Dogg” from the Huron and Noble section traveled to the Grant Works section of the suburb of Cicero at 21st and 51st Court.  The Milwaukee Kings were immediately not welcomed there as they went to war with nearby People Nation gangs like Bishops, Noble Knights, Latin Counts and Twelfth Street Players.  The MKs also got into it badly with La Raza and the Two Two Boys who were both fellow Folk Nation gangs.  Reinforcements were needed at this new turf so Kono and Jey Dogg cleared out of Noble and Huron and brought soldiers such as M Dogg, Sandman, HecDog, Roc, Roger, Mayo, and Trenchcoat into Cicero instead.  The gang war was intense in Cicero and this led the Milwaukee Kings transforming into a more violent organization than ever.

After Huron and Noble closed down, Chestnut and Noble closed down and the MKs left southern West Town focusing more on Riis Park in Belmont Cragin.  The Cicero MKs “CMKs” were now becoming a prime target of Cicero police which caused members to end up in jail and prison.  More trouble came in October of 1994 when the Milwaukee Kings and Satan Disciples got into it in the city which led to members of the Satan Disciples killing a Milwaukee King gang member, now the MKs had another war with a Folk Nation gang.  In the meantime in Cicero things got worse when Milwaukee Kings were now also at war with the Gangster Disciples.  The Cicero MKs then wanted to establish a close alliance with the Two Sixs.  Older members from Chicago warned the CMKs to not make this deal and it would bring trouble but the CMKs did not listen and let Two Sixs share their turf.  Two Sixs were the bigger gang and expected the MKs to just disappear after a little while and this resulted in another interalliance gang war for the MKs.  The only ally left the MKs had in Cicero were the MLDs but that would soon change.

In 1995, the Maniac Latin Disciples began imposing heavier taxes on their fellow Maniacs and also began infringing on their drug turf, this led to a major uprising within the Maniacs as some of the gangs began disbanding from the Maniac title.  The Latin Lovers, Latin Jivers and Milwaukee Kings all left the Maniacs.  The Latin Lovers turned Insane.  The Jivers and MKs went their own way and went under nothing.  The Latin Jivers then became the one and only allies the MKs had on the north side, in Cicero the MKs had no allies and this led to the demise of the CMKs.  Too many incarcerations from Cicero police brought down the leadership of CMKs and the rest of CMK had too many gang wars to fight without their leadership and the operation shut down, Cicero turned out to be a bad investment.

The Milwaukee Kings have only lost one piece of  territory, Shubert and Fairfield but all of “M-Town” has stayed in tact because MKs have ferociously defended it.  The MKs have been known to be one of the more ruthless organizations that does not need allies to survive as long as police do not target them too heavily like they did in Cicero.

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  1. What was the time line of leaders up to the year 2000?
  2. What year did Milwaukee Kings leave River North and open in Eckhart Park?
  3. What year did Shubert and Fairfield fall and why?
  4. What year did Cicero close in the 1990s?