Kickin’ it old school with old school names

Good day Chicago and the world.  The old schoolers have spoken and have let me know it is difficult to surf through this site to find any given organization because of the overabundance of prefixes (Insane, Almighty, Maniac etc…).  It has to be understood that these prefixes are very important and detrimental to the nations, however, many old schoolers weren’t around for those changes and this site is dedicated to the old school.  It kills me when someone emails me that lived the life many years ago and lived through lots of it back in the day and it becomes tough to find their former nation because of the prefix names, so I’ve decided to label all the nations the old school way.  Some nations will of course need their prefixes like the Maniac Latin Disciples for example, but others can do without in the main title to make everything more searchable for all of you.  The prefixes and mention of the alliances are still mentioned in the pages but just not in the title to keep it true to the old school ways.

I also added some new reppin pics on some of the pages that were graciously sent in to me.  Please feel free to email me some old school pics from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, represent the old school so the world never forgets the life you lived.  I know many of you submitted pics to Facebook pages but those just get buried at the bottom of their pages, if you send them to me they stay immortalized on one page and are much easier to navigate to.  Why have your history buried underneath piles of someone else’s pics? when you can have it on the nation’s page all out in the open looking good.   Check out my Latin Counts, Black DisciplesAshland Viking pages as examples of how I put it all together.