Respect Your Sources

As a reminder, I only use names and go into details about gang related activity only if it is documented in a court case or in a newspaper article which is PUBLIC INFORMATION, the sources of where I got the info are cited within the histories so you can see where I got the info from. ChicagoGangHistory does not publish names or any info with the intention of incriminating anyone or any organization but instead to discuss old articles and court cases of individuals that were already convicted or charged with crimes a long time ago. If your name appears in any of the pieces I have written, feel free to reach out if you want your name removed.

ChicagoGangHistory respects all nations and their histories, and understands the blood and sacrifice that has gone into the formation and continuation of Chicago nations. If you spot any inaccuracies the histories provided, please do not hesitate to reach out about correcting the issue.

Also, please also send in pre-2000 repping pics. We need them.