New Interalliance Gang War Info

Good day Chicago gang history readers. A big update was made recently detailing the exact years and incidences that started many Folk nation interalliance gang wars back in the 1980s. I had some wrong dates but now those are corrected thanks to court documents. Updates have been made on the Two Six, Two Two, Satan Disciple, Spanish Cobra, Ambrose, La Raza and Gangster Party People pages.

As a reminder, Chicago Gang History does not use real names of gang members unless it is already public information that can be found on the internet or anywhere else. Any names I used came from court documents and/or officially published new articles. Chicago Gang History does not and will not use names or information that will lead to any prosecution.

If you find any flawed information on any gangs or anything else that is not accurate please do not hesitate to use the messenger in the Contact section. Please do not  email me with the sole purpose of asking personal questions about me.

A big update is soon coming with a whole section on the most notorious Chicagoland suburbs. This section should have pictures and write ups on several suburbs. Hopefully this will go up by March, stay tuned!