Ghetto Brothers Organization/Yates Boys Organization

Founded Founded c. 1969 in or near Logan Square
Affiliations ;
Colors Green, Blue, and Orange
Color usage Orange and green - GBO, orange and blue - YBO
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Skull, Crossbones, and Torch
Status Extinct

I am not quite sure where to begin with this story of GBO/YBO.  There is a Ghetto Brothers Organization that has existed in Bronx New York since 1971 but I have seen no evidence of a connection between GBOs or NYC and Chicago GBOs, especially since the colors, symbols and activity of both groups do not match.

Gang banging started in Logan Square in the year 1969, which is the same year Puerto Rican people first came to settle in large volumes in this neighborhood, this was also the first year the Gaylords opened the PGL Gaylords and also in this year the Imperial Gangsters formed here so I honestly think both GBO and YBO formed in the year 1969 as well especially since there were members already in their 20s by the late 1970s.  I know for sure both gangs were in existence by the early 1970s, but I seriously believe the starting year was 1969.

The Yates Brothers formed at the corner of Armitage and Whipple and they took their name from the Richard Yates Elementary School at 1839 N Richmond St (Francisco and Cortland).  The YBOs adopted the colors of orange and blue based upon the Yates School colors.

The Ghetto Brothers Organization became a much more popular gang and had more territory than YBO but both gangs were allies as they fought against Gaylords, MA Players and Imperial Gangsters.

In approximately the year 1975 both GBO and YBOs came together to form a major alliance in order to fight off the growing number of Imperial Gangsters and Gaylords in and near the neighborhood.  The first leader of both gangs was Rico, but within a few years he retired from gang life and started a family leaving Willard to be the leader.

By the year 1978 the GBO/YBO now had about 300 members and became one of the bigger gangs in Logan Square.  They now had the territories of Albany and Dickens, Cortland and Whipple, Dickens and Whipple, Armitage and Albany, Armitage and Humboldt, Cortland and Humboldt all under GBO control while Armitage and Whipple was YBO.

In 1977, the Warlords invited the YBO/GBO into the United Neighborhoods alliance, now United Neighborhoods was Warlords, Spanish Lords, Insane Unknowns and YBO/GBO. 

In the year 1979 GBO/YBO would begin having flare ups with YLOCDs (Young Latino Organization Cobra Disciples) in the area near GBO/YBO.  The YLOCDs were an offshoot of the ULO that only honored the alliance between Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples, they were in the early stages of becoming their own gang by 1979 and eventually would become the YLO Disciples and YLO Cobras we know today, but in 1979 they were the YLOCD and they were gunning for GBO/YBO territory and causing problems at Armitage and Humboldt and this led to the February 28, 1979 shooting death of GBO member Fellipe Baez that was shot in the back and killed by YLOCDs as he was gunned down by the Gonzalez brothers according to court documents (IN RE GONZALEZ, 1981).  This shooting sparked a major war not only between YLOCDs but also the entire Spanish Cobra and Latin Disciple nations which led to war with the entire ULO not just Imperial Gangsters that were ULO and right in the neighborhood.

In the year 1981 GBO/YBO joined the People Nation alliance as soon as their closest ally the Latin Kings were sanctioned to let GBO/YBO in. Gaylords joined the People Nation that year the war with PGL now would stop.

Joining the People Nation did not do much to help GBO/YBO as they started to decline in numbers beginning in the early 1980s but they still maintained a large enough gang to be a force to be reckoned with all throughout the 1980s.

In the year 1987 the GBOs were fed up with the Latin Kings because the Kings of Armitage and Kedzie were messing with GBO turf and trying to control the drug trade in GBO hoods, this angered the gang but they were heavily outnumbered by the Kings and of course the Folks.  The GBOs then agreed to hold a meeting with the Insane Deuces and the P.R. Stones to discuss a war with Latin Kings and maybe a possibility of switching to Folks, the Deuce leader “Blade” held the meeting because Kings were trying to take over the Deuce controlled Lathrop projects.  The three gangs made an agreement to launch the interalliance war but P.R. Stones and GBOs did not follow through and decided it was not a good idea.

By the early 1990s the GBO/YBO had halted all recruitment and were down to their last section, and now war ensued with Latin Kings but GBO/YBO were more outnumbered than ever and at that point the older members decided it was best to retire as the GBO/YBO legacy came to a close.

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  1.  Where these gangs indeed founded in 1969, if not what year?
  2. Who was the founder of the Ghetto Brothers Organization? and what happened to him?
  3. Who was the founder of the Yates Boys Organization? and what happened to him?
  4. What street corner did the GBO start on?
  5. What year did each corner start up and what year did each close?
  6. What year did Rico step down from leadership?
  7. What year did Willard step down from leadership?
  8. What was the time line of leader of GBO, YBO and the whole thing?
  9. Was the GBO/YBO unity created in the year 1975 or tad sooner or later than that?
  10. Did YBO go extinct before GBO?  If so what year did YBO call it quits?
  11. What year did GBO close the last section?