YLO Disciples

Founded Founded in 1980 by Chicky D, Kiki D, and Karate Freak in or near Logan Square
Formerly known as

YLO 1978-1979; YLO Cobra Disciples 1979-1980; YLO Disciples 1980-1992

Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Light blue
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Monk, Winged Heart, Devil Tail, and Devil Horns
Status Active

In the year 1976, the Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples (MLDs) came together and formed an alliance called “Young Latino Organization” or “YLO.”  Cobras and Disciples were being teamed up on by the “United Five Organization” or “UFO” which was an alliance of white gangs that included one of the most powerful gangs in the city at the time, the Gaylords.  Another issue was the Latin Kings were an extremely powerful organization by this point in time with soldiers numbering in the thousands.  Cobras and Disciples were not really large organizations back in 1976 so the alliance was necessary.  The alliance was put together by Spanish Cobra leader Richard “King Cobra” Medina and Latin Disciple leader “Diablo.”

In the year 1978, YLO expanded to include the Imperial Gangsters and Latin Eagles, now the new term was “United Latino Organization” or “ULO” and the “YLO” term would then be used for the young members or “futures” that wanted to join the Cobras or Disciples.  These kids were very young and in grammar school or junior high age at the oldest.  Being YLO would give these young kids an opportunity to prove themselves before actually being taken into ULO and being a Cobra or Disciple.

In the late 1970s, the YLOs in the Logan Square neighborhood had a lot of fun gang banging under the YLO banner and went above and beyond to prove themselves to the older Cobras and Disciples.

By 1979, the Cobras and Disciples were now ready to have them but the young bucks in Logan Square decided they were better on their own as a heavily allied and separate gang that they now called “Young Latino Organization Cobra Disciples.”  These kids developed a nifty handshake that consisted of throwing up the Spanish Cobras and the pitchfork.  The YLO training camp of the late 1970s proved to be too much of a success because these kids got too independent and even stole the name of the training camp and old alliance away from the Cobras and DisciplesSpanish Cobras and Latin Disciples still often acted like the YLOs were still low ranking Cobras and Disciples in an attempt to get them to flip by saying things like “Y be LO when you can be a D (or C)?”  Even though the Cobras and Disciples had some jealousy they still remained allies with these kids and watched their backs.

In the year 1980, the YLOCD became even more independent as they felt they did not all need each other anymore.  Some of these kids wanted to follow Spanish Cobra concepts more closely while others wanted to follow Latin Disciple concepts more closely.  This disagreement led to the gang being split in half.  The kids that wanted to follow Disciple concepts became known as the “Young Latino Organization Disciples” or “YLOD” and were led by “Chicky D,” “Kiki D,” and “Karate Freak.”  The Spanish Cobra supporters became known as the “Young Latino Organization Cobras” or “YLOC” and were led by “Flaco C,” “Negro C,” “Javier C,” and “Papo C.”

In the 1980s, both YLO gangs were evenly matched and blitzed their way all across Logan Square claiming lots of new territory as long as long as they respected YLO or any other Folks’ territory, but when it came to People Nation gangs the YLOs had no respect and viciously attacked them.

Latin Kings, Gaylords and Spanish Lords tried to destroy the YLOs but both gangs proved they were a major force to be reckoned with.  I do not know what the first set was for either YLO gang and I do not know when each additional set popped up.

Throughout the course of the 1980s and 1990s the YLO Cobras opened sections at Shakespeare and Central Park “Young and Crazy,” Shubert and Avers (Kosciuszko Park), George and Avers, Francis and Stave, Dickens and Tripp “Terror Dome,” Dickens and Central Park “Wild Side,” Cortland and Mozart “Sin City,” Cortland and Monticello and Cortland and Lawndale.  The YLO Disciples opened up sections at Cortland and Richmond, Dickens and Hamlin “Death and Hell,” Francisco and Wabansia, Keystone and Wabansia “Devil’s Playground,” Karlov and Wabansia “Paisa City,” Palmer and Hamlin, Armitage and Avers (Mozart Park), Fullerton and Springfield and Wabansia and California.  Additionally, the YLODs opened up a section in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood at Keystone and Lemoyne.

In 1991, the ULO was having interralliance feuding especially between the Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples and by 1992, full scale war was launched between Spanish Cobras, Latin Disciples and Latin Eagles alongside the Imperial Gangsters.  The four organizations then created three separate alliances within the Folk Nation and forced their allies to choose between one of the three, no exceptions.

The Spanish Cobras created the “Insane Familia” while the Latin Disciples created the “Maniac Familia.”  The YLO Cobras would naturally follow the Insane Familia, while the YLO Disciples naturally followed the Maniac Familia.  The YLO gangs tried to stay united despite the fact that there was a war, but in the summer of 1992 that relationship would end when the YLO Cobras were hanging out with some Imperial Gangsters on Mozart and Cortland, when the YLOCs permitted the Imperial Gangsters to spray paint their gangster crown with pitchforks painted upside down.  This infuriated the YLODs and Maniac Latin Disciples.  The MLDs and YLODs responded by painting the Spanish Cobra diamond upside down and starting fights with YLOCs at Cortland and Mozart.  This all eventually erupted into full scale war between both YLO gangs.  I do not have anymore history about either of these YLO gangs.

Please send in old school pics.   1970s or 1980s pics will be especially appreciated!


  1.  Who came up with the idea of making YLO it’s own gang?
  2. Who was the main founder of YLOD in 1980, was is Kiki, Karate Freak, or Chicky?
  3. What caused the YLO split up between YLOD and YLOC?
  4. What was the first street corner for YLO back in the late 1970s?
  5. What was the first corner for YLODs after the split happened?
  6. What year did each set open up?
  7. What was the time line of leaders from 1980-2000?