Spanish Vice Lords

Founded Founded in 1981 in or near South Deering
Founding story

Founded in South Deering near 104th and Hoxie

Affiliations ;
Colors Black and Maroon
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Playboy Bunny, Top Hat, Cane, and Martini Glass
Symbol usage

Red playboy bunny

Status Active


In the year 1981 a petition was made to allow Hispanic youths into the Vice Lord nation especially since this would directly link the Vice Lords into the Latino drug trade and go around allies like the Latin Kings of South Deering.  A Latino element of the Vice Lord nation would not only link the Vice Lords into the Latino pipeline more but also solidify more relations with allies like the Latin Kings.

The Vice Lords came to a decision that they did not want to mix races into their organization directly but decided to create a Latino branch of Vice Lords that was a separate gang yet unified with the Vice Lord nation.

The CVLs sent a 5 Star Elite member of CVLs to meet with these Latino kids to formally start this new branch, this organization became known as the “Spanish Vice Lords” and some of the kids in the Trumbull Projects and the surrounding area were eager to join.

The organization was placed at the intersection of 104th and Hoxie which was right near the projects.  Many youths were still afraid to join because the Black Gangsters Disciples were large in numbers and they were afraid the SVLs would not last so they sat on the sidelines and watched, and what they saw was the few SVLs bust head after head and ferociously battle BGDs and King Cobras even if they were outnumbered.  The SVLs gained a lot of respect in the neighborhood and by the mid-1980s more Latino youths wanted to join and the gang got bigger. By the late 1980s they grew even larger and became even more ferocious.

In June of 1989, the Spanish Vice Lords had gained a major reputation and now had over 50 members in the gang.  This growing of power angered the Gangsters Disciples (formerly the Black Gangsters Disciples) so tensions grew considerably at George Washington High School located at 3535 E 114th St in the nearby East Side neighborhood.  On the last day of school a massive brawl occurred between the GDs and SVLs.  The fight got so out of control as carloads of gang members pulled up to join the fight, and paved a path of destruction that caught the attention of the police.  The police had a hard time stopping the fight all they could do was block traffic from coming near the fight.  Eventually, the news showed up to broadcast what was going on.  The SVLs fought viciously and became even more recognized and this led them to befriend a lot of kids from the East Side neighborhood, especially the kids that lived near Wolfe Park.

The kids in Wolfe Park had a clique of about 40-50 members of a group called the “Wonderers” that formed up in order to protect Wolfe park from the Latin Kings that picked on all the kids over there, regardless of if they were in a gang or not.  The Wonderers were powerless at stopping the Kings and in 1991 they could no longer function.  These kids hung out with and looked up to the SVLs from South Deering and wanted to join the gangs but the SVLs were not in the East Side area.  This is when the 5 Star Elite sanctioned an East Side branch at Wolfe Park on 108th and Buffalo to 108th and Green Bay, and like that, the East Side SVLs were born.  The Latin Kings now laid off and withdrew from the park out of respect for the fact that the SVLs were part of the People Nation alliance.  This was all good until the summer of 1994 when SVLs went to war with the Latin Kings and also they took on another People alliance gang, the Latin Dragons.  The Wolfe Park SVL then gained a lot of notoriety in the area and recruitment increased because they fought their enemies so well and now territory expanded from Buffalo to Avenue O and from 108th the 110th.  That is all I really know about SVL.

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  1.  Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  2. What was the time line of leaders up to the year 2000?